Market Makers

Gressel Produce and Commodities provides market making services across the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Dairy complex.  GPC has been involved with Dairy from its start at the CME in 1998.  One of the original Dairy liquidity providers, GPC has embraced electronic trading which began in 2006. As a designated CME Market Maker, GPC has provided markets to aid the development of all Dairy contracts.  GPC was instrumental in successfully transitioning Dairy from being only pit-traded to the electronic market place that exists today.

Electronic trading offers:

  • Complete price transparency-top five bids and offers displayed on screen
  • Additional market liquidity
  • Instantaneous execution
  • Immediate market access (virtually 24-hours)
  • Direct participation in price discovery
  • Continuous and competitive marketplace maintained by market makers

Plus, it’s a lot cheaper!



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