Sidney Gressel started Gressel Produce in Northwest Ohio in 1933 as a wholesale egg company in a four hundred square foot shop. From those modest beginnings his son Phil, grandsons, and great grandsons grew the egg business into a large interstate processor, packaging USDA fresh eggs for several grocery chains.

Phil ultimately expanded the business until Gressel Produce was distributing eggs across the Midwest and the Eastern seaboard. He was an early participant in the CME Egg futures contract and active in delivery of CME certified loads.

Gressel Produce & Commodities is still a family-run business that specializes in helping our customers manage their inventory and procurement risk.

Joe Gressel got involved in hedging through his family’s egg business.  After graduating from Ohio State University, he eventually made his way to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading floor.  He has been in and out of nearly every trading pit at the CME since the early ‘80s.  Back in 1992, he made the first trade, three yen contracts, on GLOBEX.  From the cash egg business to electronic trading, he has seen it all.

Art Gressel grew up working in his family’s wholesale egg business.  He continued working there after graduation from Miami University (Ohio) until 1990. From 1990 until 2008 Art was a trader and broker on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Now he trades almost exclusively on a computer.  He has been actively involved with his brother, Joe, in providing liquidity for the CME’s electronic dairy markets.

Leon Gressel began his career in the family business packing eggs and sweeping floors at the egg processing plant in Delphos, Ohio.  He holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Illinois.  After college, he became a member of the CME and began working full-time on the trading floor.  Currently, Leon trades and brokers orders electronically.

Sam Gressel graduated from Columbia University and worked for eight years as an analyst and execution trader for a global macro hedge fund. He has experience trading over-the-counter foreign exchange as well as a wide range of commodity, equity and fixed income futures. Sam is a CME member and a CFA® charterholder.


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